Who is Truegroups for?

Coach, teacher, parent contact.

It is super simple to invite to a meeting or a match, and to know who is actually coming. Set up groups and make sure your messages are swiftly shared.


Do not forget a sports day, the parent meeting or a birthday invitation again. Truegroups cuts through the chaos of handwritten material, Web, email...

Sports clubs, associations, schools.

Each class, team or group has a safe area for discussions, activity planning, sharing of photos and documents.

We want to create a service that is so easy to use, so good and so practical that all schools, sportsteams and parents want to use it.

How to use Truegroups

  • The Family

    Both parents know when their children should play a game, go to a birthday party and stay with friends. Send messages to group leaders, teachers and other parents. Find the best time to do something together.

  • The sports club

    All teams have their own area with activity calendar, messages and discussion panels. It makes everyone know what happens where. Integrate Truegroups with your homepage.

  • The pre-school

    Make sure no children forget their lunchbox, or show up to parent day without their parents. Receive and send messages about absence and end-of-day pick-ups in a simple fashion.

  • The school

    Set up groups for each class so that parents can organize trips and set up joint activities. Share news from the school, the PTA, the choir, and reach out with important, urgent messages when needed.

Our family are members of 27 groups in the local community. We established Truegroups so we could have full overview in 30 seconds.

How it works


All your family’s activities in one place. Super-easy to respond to invitations.


Quick access to all your groups and organizations.


Send and receive urgent, private messages from people in your groups.

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