About Truegroups

We worked together in Microsoft and often discussed how to address daily tasks through the use of new technologies. Like many others we too forgot parent events and showed up for footballmatches at the wrong times. We needed a better solution, and we built Truegroups so that parents, without any real effort, can have full overview to their family’s activities in less than 30 seconds.

Truegroups is built so that you can have all groups, associations and activities in one place. We cut through the chaos of endless emails, multiple websites, Facebook groups, handwritten notes and documents.

To minimize the parent effort required, we built Truegroups to cover the needs of associations, coaches, class contacts and preschool-managers. We make it easier to organize activities, increase participation and nurture the engagement.

You can use Truegroups on the web, in mobile apps, in email and in your calendar. It is free, without advertising, and your personal information is not used for commercial purposes.

We hope you will like Truegroups. Please send us an email if something is unclear or you want to know more.

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